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Cant ping server with one client(SBS2003)


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I have strange problem here. We have hardware VPN tunnels between branch offices and main office. Everything has worked fine long time, but now one client computer (with windows XP) is having issues.

All the sudden, client computer does not find server. It cant ping server with IP or name, nor it can connect it in any way (whitch means that AD goes down for that client), but it is possible to connect and ping all other computers in network. Only fix I have found, is to change this client machine's IP, and everything works again for couple of weeks, until this occurs again.

DNS has been propely configured and I cannot figure what is wrong.

I guess this has nothing to do with firewall's or routers configurations, since everything else works fine (and this one client computer did work fine over year..).

Server is Windows SBS 2003 and there are enought connection licenses.

Could somebody bring some light on this problem ? Thank you!

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