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Dell Ships UBUNTU


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You asked, we listened. For advanced users and tech enthusiasts, we’re happy to offer a new open-source operating system, so you can dive in and truly enjoy a PC experience just the way you want it. In addition to the FreeDOS systems we already offer, we are proud to announce PCs with Ubuntu.

Not sure Open Source is for You?

The main thing to note is that when you choose open source you don’t get a Windows® operating system. If you’re here by mistake and you are looking for a Dell PC with Windows, please use the following link.

Shop Dell PCs with Windows

Already an Open Source fan?

Choose from the following two options to get started, or keep reading to learn more about our open source offerings.

Shop For Ubuntu Shop For FreeDOS

What Is Open Source?

Open source software is designed in a way that lets multiple people change, improve and redistribute the source code, meaning the software is generally community developed and available for free.

An advantage of open source is that it can deliver more reliability and flexibility, as well as faster updates and fixes, all at a lower cost. Plus, if you’re an expert, you can tweak and alter the code to completely customize the software to do exactly what you want. A downside is that some open source software requires intermediate or advanced knowledge to use, and in the case of operating systems, may not be compatible with the same software applications and hardware as Windows operating systems.

Dell Open Source Options

Dell with Ubuntu

Ubuntu OS

Ubuntu is one of the world’s most popular open source operating systems. Ubuntu is a Linux-based operating system that is community developed, updated regularly and offered for free. Designed to be user friendly, the Ubuntu OS comes with built-in software for office productivity (i.e., word processor, spreadsheets and presentation applications), e-mail, calendar, chat, web browsing, photos, and more.

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for any users wanting to try it, they ship free CD's to your house.

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