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Soltek SL-85MIR-L i845G Motherboard


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Micro ATX, can anybody say LAN box?

The idea behind the microATX form factor is a great one, but hasn't really taken off as originally planned. If you're wondering what microATX actually is, just picture a standard size ATX motherboard trimmed down to perfect square dimensions. The main goal of the microATX form factor is to reduce overall system costs by minimizing the motherboards size and the number of I/O slots. One of the most attractive benefits of the microATX form factor is the reduced size requirement of the chassis that sits on the user's desk, increasing the aesthetic value for the end user. Since the size of the chassis is reduced significantly, some users may run into problems when using certain equipment that simply doesn't fit. Keep in mind that microATX was developed for a specific market, which doesn't generally include the high-performance crowd.

The silver PCB used for this board really looks sweet!


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