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Compiz Fusion


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You can do some amazing gui stuff with linux and compiz fusion.

Here is how you install it:

I run Fedora with gnome so that is what this will be geared towards.

As root, just copy and paste these commands

cd /etc/yum.repos.d/

cat << EOF > kagesenshi.repo
name=KageSenshi Package Repository
[code]# Core Compiz and GTK Window Decorator
yum install compiz-gnome

# Compiz Fusion addons
yum install compiz-fusion-plugins-main \
            compiz-fusion-plugins-extra \
            compizconfig-settings-manager \

# Emerald Decorator
yum install emerald emerald-themes

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Unfortunately, with this install... you have to start compiz every time you log in.

UNLESS you add it to your session startup.

System --> Preferences --> Personal --> Sessions

When that comes up. Create a new item.

Name: Compiz

Command: fusion-icon

Add another one for Emerald:

Name: Emerald

Command: emerald --replace

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