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GenCon stuff

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Hey, finished up at GenCon and might have some review items. I talked to the marketing guy for Ideazon, the makers of the Zboard, Fang, Reaper and Fragmat.


He asked me to send him a request of what I want. I am very confident I will get a sample of each for review.

I also talked to one of the developers for the Novint Falcon. She doesn't have any review models right now because they are popular, but she will make sure I get one when they are available.


I had an interview with the developers from Seven Lights about their new, yet to be released game The Continuum. I was the first person, outside of their team, to actually play a little bit of the game. They even took a picture of me with them. I am one of the beta testers for it as well. I will be sending an article out for your perusal of the interview I had. I was the first press to talk to them. We scheduled 30 minutes, but it ended up being 1.5 hours.


I am also going to be beta testing another game called Pirates of the Burning Sea. Its from a company called Flying Lab Software. It is being developed with Sony.


So, all in all it was a good time. I didn't get much swag, but it was interesting. I should be submitting the article next weekend.

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Sweet... get me the dates 2 months in advance next year and I will try to make a trip out there to hang with you... work and pleasure at the same time! Mayhaps we can get a bunch of the gang to join in.

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