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is there like a big dif. in this cards


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Personally, if i were to go with the ti4200 i would choose the MSI. They have a quality reputation, but they are leaving the NVIDIA scene and going with ATI (hearsay). I would also go with the 64mb version - due to the fact, in most of the bench marks ive seen there is very little difference, other than price.

I might hold off a little bit though, as time passes (month or so) you will be able to get the card even cheaper... by that time, you might be able to get the 4600 for nearly the same price. (depending on the manufacturer)

remember, this is just my opinion

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I agree the Ti4200 is a much better card than than Ti200. Also the 64 meg version is the best deal right now since it outperforms the 128 in almost all Benches.

And like Bruce said if ya wait a bit the prices should drop with the release of the GF FX and ATI's R350.

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