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  1. 1. AMD OR INTEL

    • INTEL
    • AMD
    • you go to hell ... seriously though, don't pick this one.

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It is time for me to start piecing together a new system. I usually do this one componenet at a time until I have everything I need and then slap it all together and game for an entire weekend. So, My first decision to make is whether to stick with AMD or go Core2 Duo?

Performance wise, duo is slamming, but I haven't had an intel system since AMD broke the 1ghz mark.

What you guys think?

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What happened to my previous post here? And the others?

Anyways, Intel---Price/Performance has AMD beat right now, IMO.

Besides, if you haven't gone Intel in that long of a time frame, you really need to try it out to keep your objectivity in check.

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