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stuck by the man


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So I’m getting dry-jammed up the arse by the man... again!

not that this is than unusual but this time he's decided to use a 6X6 fence post, no lube, with lots of splinters!

so as it's happened over the Christmas holiday the grand 'ol government of Alberta (which happened to have a 6billion dollar surplus the last 2 years running (which also happens to be twice the ENTIRE provincial budget of one of our neighboring provinces)) has decided that a worthy Christmas present for me was to audit my student loan and freeze my funding sh!t

so after a semester of school and the holidays I was left with a whopping $753.37 in my bank!

If I could only pull out the 6X6 I may be able to start digging around for the ~6 grand that I’m now going to have to pull out of there.

But if only it were that easy, Monday I set up an appointment with the student union's financial aid depart to get an emergency student loan, yay! (They toted the loan and being "for full time student in sever emergency financial need" and in teeny tiny print "but student GPA trump financial need" F#CK)

so I am now tasting wood on the back of my tongue.

Yay SU joining the man!

Maybe I’ll rant more later... Have to work on my resume now... f#ck I hate part time jobs!

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Sorry to here about that one man. That is really harsh. Hope you can get it all worked out soon.

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