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●Model: HQ08-P4

●Board size: ATX / Micro ATX

●5* 5.25" bay, 1* 3.5" bay, 7* HDD Bay

●16.54" deep X 7.80" wide X 23.23" high

●300W ATX Power Supply.

●28.6 lbs net weight, 31.9 lbs gross weight

●Bend-in edges ensure safe assembly

●Smart slide-in back brackets (screwless)

●Complies with FCC Class B, DoC, and CE

This is my first case. It has lots of space for a ton of fans it is plastic so it is not as heavy. I have modded the disk drive bays so that they r hidden. The bay panel is molded the the disk device. And i have drilled the device screw mount holes back enough for the panel to slide in prefectly.

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:roll: One time i had a party here and i left the one of the disk drives open and a friend put a cd in and played it. He came back later and could not get the cd out. He thought that the computer ate the cd.{Because they r hidden} He could play the Cd but not get it out. He was drunk as Sh*t. But i got it out for him. That is a classic case of people using other peoples computers before asking.! AHAHAHAHAH o well :D

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