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!The Classics!


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I see that they r coming out with some of the most beautifully designed 3D games ever seen. But we can't let the classics go exstinct. Like the NES Nintendo Entertainment System. Some great classics came out of the console.

Like: Ku Fu the first fighting game that i can remember.

Donkey Kong the first of many other games that came after it.

And the King {Mario}this game is the king of them all no other game has had a run like this one. And i think that there is moe to come for Mario.

If u want to find these games and others there is many websites out there where u can download something called an Emulator and the roms for the Emulator Console. Emulators for NES SNES Genises N64 NeoGeo Jaguar Sega Saturn Game Cube Playstation but Playstation2 is still being worked on. There is one out there but only plays demos.

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