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This is BS


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Take action please!

Pardon Border Agents Ramos and Compean

The Issue:

Persecuted because they were doing their jobs.… That’s precisely what has happened to two U.S. Border agents who were convicted and sentenced to 11 and 12 year prison terms for shooting a Mexican drug smuggler who had crossed our border illegally and physically assaulted one of the agents.

This outrageous injustice took place near El Paso, Texas—a hotbed of illegal activity, where drug smugglers, and violent gang members illegally crossing from Mexico are often encountered. On February 17, 2005, U.S. Border Ignacio Ramos (a former nominee for border patrol agent of the Year), and Jose Compean attempted to apprehend a fleeing illegal alien at our border.

Today, both are facing 20 year prison terms, and even more outrageous, this same illegal alien is now suing the U.S. for $5 million claiming his civil rights were violated. Click here for the Lou Dobbs report.

Both agents must surrender to federal authorities on January 17, to begin their terms. However, Grassfire.org is calling on the President to pardon them, and is rallying at least 200,000 citizens to sign our petition. Because of the timeliness of this issue, we will electronically deliver all signed petitions, and personal comments about this case directly to the White House.

On December 21, 2007, Grassfire is presenting nearly 160,000 petitions demanding the full pardon of border agents Ramos and Compean to Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-46th), an outspoken supporter of the agents, during a national press conference. Grassfire spokesman, John March, whose son David, a police officer, was murdered by an illegal alien while making a routine traffic stop, will be making the presentation. Grassfire is urging ALL members of our team to contact their lawmakers, and the White House demanding these agents be pardoned. To contact the White House, 202-456-1111.

I have just signed a petition calling for the President

to pardon these two Border Agents and I'm asking you to

join with me by clicking here for the full story and the petition:


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