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Linux Redhat 8.0 problems.


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Hey all,

I have a dilema, I can't get linux to boot.

Everytime it boots it always freezes on this check,

""Finding module dependencies: _ "

I'm not sure why it does this.

Here is my partition layout.


The install goes through w/ no errors and I checked the media and its fine aswell. I use GRUB as the boot manager.

My hardrives are fine too. I can't figure out what the problem is. Any help would be awsome. Thx.

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Well I figured it out if anyone is interested.

Load the rescue disk and get into the root (/)

once there, go into /etc dir and find lilo.conf file.

use the vi command to edit the conf file. eg. vi lilo.conf

at the line " append = " add this line "nobiospnp", just add it to to the rest of the lines in here, just make sure to add a space between them.

Hopefully this works for anyone having this problem.

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Thx, always interested in solutions even if I don't know JACK about Linux.

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I can't get it to install.

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I told ya I'd do it for my regular fees. LOL

Have you thought about Mandrake instead of RedHat?

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