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Looking for DVD+R-DL Guru!


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Recently I started using DL discs and havent had much good luck with them.

Doing DVD backups have been flaky at best!

Is there anyone here that has any experience with DL discs and why they may be flaky?

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Took a while but I figured out what was wrong.

It wasnt the discs it was the DVD-Rom drives,

after updating the firmware they seem to be playing the discs fairly well.

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I haven't had the chance to play with the DL disks yet. I am waiting until they come down in price. Unfortunately, when they do, I will have 1650GB's of free space.

Yeah I was a DL Virgin until this past week!

There for a while I thought I was really getting screwed!

My biggest gripe now would be the burn speed of 2-2.4X, A bit slow for me.

I think it's OfficeDepot that has them onsale 25 for $29.99

Thats about as cheap as I've seen them, I paid $30 for 20 last week.

Edit Try!

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