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Kingwin Multi-Function Access Panel


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With today's computers, its no wonder why we have such a rats nest behind our computers. With that aside, its even more of a pain trying to get back there and hook something up among the tons of wires already; of course I figure my wife will find me dead behind my computer some day... My largest concern of course was that of any simplicity of installing it, and did it come with everything needed? To be quite frank, it came with more than just a couple of USB ports.



Fits in standard drive bay

2 USB Ports

1 Firewire Port (IEEE 1394)

1 Microphone input jack

1 Speaker Output jack (headphones)

1 Game port for use with joystick

1 LCD Temperature Sensor with thin probe (battery included)

Stickers to label temperature for CPU, HDD, and Chip

Extension cables for USB, Firewire, Sound and Gamport

PCI slot interface card to route extension cables outside to back of case

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I like the fact they put the names of all the connections next to the ports for boobs like me. I have two questions: 1) Can I get it in black to match my case? 2) Does it coem with instructions for installing the probe? Scott mentions that it works great, if you install it right but doesn't say whether there are any instructions. Other than that, I need more bays. Time for an upgrade to a server.

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