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LCD mod


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this is a mod that I started at the beginning of summer... i've kinda hit a stall with the stand however....

one idea i've come up with sofar is sort of a tripod using 1" round acrilic.... although if anyone els has any idea's please pass along...

this is all quoted from an old work log of mine... ( http://www.modthebox.com/cgi-bin/yabb/YaBB...um=1154650207/0 )

ok well i'm tired of having this 17" LCD gathering dust as a doorstop. it's one of the gawd ugly LCDs witht he crappy little speakers in the sides. well all is gona change after seeing this mod


i was inspired to do something about my LCD


and then the de-construction begins





and the first part i was after, the PCBs!


firstly the little green heatsink comes off


and the tabs removed before AS5 epoxyed back into place


i knew my calculus would come in handy!


makes a good weight to hold the heatsink tightly while AS5 cures.. :D


tomorow i am picking up a sheet of 4.5mm plexy to make a screen protector, PCB mounts, and mounting surface

i plan to have a few LEDs light up the various parts as well

ok update before i crash for the night, i only have a weird sat morning phone interveiw at 8am... heh heh....shoot

so i got it all taken apart and the plexy cut/sanded/drilled and then crap! drilled the hole for the LEDs (5mm diameter) to 6.25mm :S and i found out i hate sanding plexy! that being said i made sure to be more accurate with my saw an the second cut... less sanding=good

after the second one was cut and drilled i sanded, and sanded, and sanded 2 1/2 hours of sanding (only did 80 and 120 grit the first time to get the edges strait, did less with the 80,120 on the secong one but everything was good so went on to the 600,1000,2000 grit to smooth out the edges)

so here it is in it's final un-construction


yes, taken apart right down to the backlite


sorry if it's hard to see... shinny stuff is hard to take pictures of



so thats all i've gotten done tonight, this weekend i hope to get the threads cut off 4 of the M6 bolts to hide the LEDs then get the LEDs rammed into the little holes and sanded flush with the tope so the bolt heads can be glued overtop and hopefully start working on the back 2 peaces of plexy that will hold the PCBs and mounting stuff

wow it's been a long time since my last update... sorry

my brother in law has just bought a house and is doing some huge!! renovations on it, so he's been paying me to help his dad and uncle witht he heavy work.(i've gotten real good at putting up drywall heh) so thats consumed my time for the last 2 weeks.

ihave pcked up some goodies lately though!

- 8 NTE 5mm super bright water clear blue LEDs (four for this project)

- 8 NTE 270 OHM 2% 1/4 watt resistors (2 for this project)

- 10 5mm super brite water clear red LEDs (brake light project)

- one (for now) luxeon star 1 watt LED (brake light project)



i got the one with the optical collimator, i have to check out what will work best in a brake light setup

this thing is stupid-brite! ;D

oh and with the lcd

i'm mounting LEDs and drilling/tapping mounting holes for the pcb

i still have to work out a way to mount some sort of stand...


add to that list a weller WES51 50watt solder station.. :) $122 (discounted $50 from 177) pluss a $20 mail in rebate :D

ok now i have a proper update.. :)

first i had to modify the LEDs as to not protrude past the front of the plexy when inserted


i soldered together and tested the LED (you'll have to trust me that they work... ::) )


mounted the electronics to the back plexy for testing, as you can see i still have to solder the LEDs to 12v power after i get the lcd mounted somehow and the fingerprints cleaned of the glass



and just a quick test to make sure i didn't muss up anything with the screen


it's alive!! ;D

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the only way to keep the old mount points from this LCD was to keep the entire back (plastic and metal junk.

i do have an idea floating in my head about it but i haven't gotten down to APplastics to buy the 1" plexyglass tube that i need....

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