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BF2: Best FPS Video Settings for Competition

Das Capitolin

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You could nearly consider me an expert on this subject. I play(ed) BF2 competitivly in prize and money leagues... and boy did I learn some performance tricks.

Note: With each patch the video configuration settings are reset to default (Medium for everything).

First: In BF2 there are two video settings that make more of an impact then all of the others combined. They are Terrain and Lighting. I recommend never going beyond med for terrain and low for lighting; no matter what video card you own. Sure my systems can play everything on the "High" settings, but then I would see shadows when I want to see the enemy. My custom recipe sheet for the BF2 video settings is this:

Terrain = med

Effects = low

Geometry = high

Texture = high

Lighting = low

Dyn Shadows = med

Dyn Light = med

AA = off

Text Filter = high

I get over 100 FPS full time in the game with these settings. While in-game, go to your console using the "~" key, and type in "renderer.drawfps 1". It will show FPS and time between frames in ms.

Remember that "renderer.drawfps 1" displays the current frames per second (FPS) and the time in milliseconds between frames in the upper left corner of the screen.

Now keep in mind, this is on my old overclocked ATI X800 GT, which still posts 100FPS with the competition settings. Obviously my SLI 7900GTX's will post much faster FPS speeds, but that's not the point of these settings. You will notice major differences in how objects stand out with the competitive settings. Try them and see for yourself.

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oh geez..... BF2 Is a great FPS i will have to admit...but with my X600 PRO you cant get anywhere near that becasue it uses a heatsink.

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I Bought an ATI Radeon X800XT from ebay but im having some problems with the person I bought it from so Im probably gonna end up with a X800 XT or an X850 XT in a few months.

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I have the X800XT, great card.

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