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InfiniPro Aqua Cooling Kit


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In the past few years the market has seen many different types of water cooling kits. Some weren't worth the time and effort, and others left us wondering what they were. This kit, by Infinipro, has much new to offer the consumer beyond compatibility with today's systems. As we'll see, Infinipro has made probably one of the nicest cooling blocks on the market, one that offers a new approach to CPU cooling.

I really like the looks of this kit. Wasn't sure which forum to put it in. An air-cooled water block, what a concept!


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Scott outdid himself with this one. Very nicely done. As you know, I am no fan of reserviors and this one seems to have a couple of issues. But, for the flexibility and size, it seems to be something I could live with. The problem with the clamp bothers me though. I only have two DIMM slots and really couldn't afford to lose one of them. I don't think this would cause any issues. I believe my spacing is farther than his from the socket. Thanks, Rbreb. I enjoyed that one.

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Yeah, with a few modifications (resevoir) and another block, this will be awesome for the Duallie rig I'm planning for the winter!

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