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H2O upgrade


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over the weekend i had a few toys come in from DD and they look ssseeeeexxxxxyyyyyyyy :D

i got a DD northbridge water block and a res to add to my system, also took the time to finaly get some lights wired in.

wire management on this hunny is a royal pain now... i have way too many wires! the one thing that did help was the custom switch plate i made. i'll post some picks of that and the box running with all my gear soon... cheers!


a closeup of the DD waterblock


connected in line after the zalman cpu block


the full setup


you can see the 2 bubble tube LED light on top and the cold cathode on the left.. and....


the res with the custom lighting job.. :)


i also AS5 epoxyed 2 ram-sinks to the southbridge.. fits like a glove under my bfg7800gs

links to...

video of just the bubble lights (night)


and all the lights (night)


sorry, you'll have to rotate your heads 90deg CCW, i didn't realize when i took the vid that i wouldn't be able to rotate it to vertical (or atleast i don't yet know how to)

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i always found the NB hot on this board.... would run about 45C with the stock cooler and airwash from the intel fan... once i WC'd the cpu the NB temp would rise to over 60C... now it's down to under 40C... :D

i saw today that zalman has a new passive (and sexy) NB cooler out... and it supports the 4 loop design! (i would have tried it before the WC) i may put that on my other mobo (both rigs are p5p800 main has a p4-630 and HTPC has a celeronD i forget what model 3.2GHz stock OC'd to 3.52GHz)

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