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PCmods Power Down Protector


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Every now and then, we get an opportunity to review a product that stands above and beyond any other of its class, and we have that chance again. This product is so simple you'll ask yourself why you didn't think of it yourself. In fact, we see something very like it being used all the time. Cars should be the first thing to come to mind with this feature: cool-down after shutoff.

Most of us, though, never turn off our computers. (At least among the heavy users and modders who read ipKonfig!) The less obsessive user, on the other hand, will turn off the computer before bedtime, or even more often. The question is, "what happens after the computer has been turned off?" Many just worry about the electricity bill, but others fear the temperature rise in the CPU just after power down. Well, those paranoid people can calm themselves if the PCmods Power Down Protector is on the job.

Worth $25 or a bunch of hooey? Its your call.


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The science makes sense. You still have heat to dissipate after the fans are off. I noticed this even without hardware to measure the core temp. I measured the case temp and it increased 1-2c after shut down.

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first yes the case temp will go up after all the fans are off becuz the air flow is no longer present...the heat was always there its just not being blown out of the case anymore...but nothing is getting any hotter in reality everything is cooling down... the only thing that changes is the fact that the heat is disapating into the case, but every second that ticks by so does the heat ...but i hve never had a problem with heat issues after the power has been turned off...simple solution for your heat worries, put a small deskfan in front of your box...walmart has them for about $8.88 i think the power down protecter is just like the y2k bug just marketing on the fears of the uninformed

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If this were such a severe problem, Chip manufacturers would have addressed this a long time ago!
Chip manufacturer's don't Overclock though.
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