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Here to bug ya :P


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Whats up peeps, i know its been a while.

I'm a cyclic person, i should go live on Saturn

Well new things relating to me, otherwise assume i'm the same old person :P

Been playing world of warcraft alot. Traded in my car for a 06 Mustang GT in yellow - new toy to modify :D

New computer from a bit ago but i've moved more into a user than power user i was. Never the less its still a bad ass gaming machine.

Running a fun webserver still with all the goodies.

Anything else feel free to ask :)



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She's purdy. I like the yellow, I want a yellow bug with daisys and lady bugs all over it. And that tiny whale tail.

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Here's mine I'm ordering next month.


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mmm ya, I love BMWs too

I went with yellow because recent cars I had were ...

red, blue, blue, white, red, white, white, blue

in that order.

And also mustangs come in drab colors otherwise :)

Oh, and it will make more sense to ya if I say that I'm making it into a Steeda clone ...

(with of course diff wheels)


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