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IHS removal woes


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Got a big hair stuck right up my &*% yesterday and did this


The whole idea was to move my memory down to the orange slots (recommended.) Couldn't prime at 297x10 which did 8hrs in the lower slots. Move them up to get them out of the way of the 7700cu. Had to squeeze some fins together to get it to fit inbetween the memory hs.

Stuck the 7700cu back on the cpu to cover it's nakedness and was not impressed. My temps were a tad higher and jumped way up whenever the cpu went to work. So I thought, bad mount. Took the 7700 back off and noticed a gash in it. Looked at the 146 and a corner of it looked chiped! So I got the IHS and put it back on after appling some as5. Got her all back together and mbm5 said the 146 was @ 75c before the computer shut itself off. Oh *&%$! So once again I took of the hs and removed the IHS and took a look. couldn't see a thing. I put the hs back on the naked chip after cleaning every thing real good. This time, I got some decent temps and run some benches. But the rig would reboot at anything above 298. I've run superpi @ 312 before. So this morning I took everything apart and put the IHS back on, relapped the 7700 and the IHS and now she's working just fine with about a 1-2c drop in temps from before I started. So hopefully when the as5 cures I'll see another 2-3c drop in temps. Plus she booted into XP @ 305, but I want to wait awhile before I go higher, give her a little curing time. Running her @ 294x10 and mbm5 says 1.50 vid. Dialed in @ 1.35 x 113% for 1.526. Anyways the temps @ idle right now are averaging 32c. Maybe the Storm I'm ordering next week will get the temps even lower.

BTW, I was a nervous wreak all day yesterday!

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