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Got Company??


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I just hate having company in general. I think it might be better if you could decide exactly who came and when but we all know that isn't going to happen. The in-laws are the absolute worst, atleast in my situation. I really don't care if any of my wife's family ever visits again. My family on the other hand is mostly ok, but still I would like to be selective about who and when. For the past five days I have had my (dad,mom,mom's driving partner,brother,and brother's girlfriend) at my house. I love them all, but it has been too much. We rented aboat saturday so it was all of the above mentioned plus myself, my wife and our two kids on this one boat trying to fish. I wish I could have just stayed in bed. The first few hours were ok but then my buzz from the previous night wore off and it sucked! Everyone wants to do this and that and i am stuck trying to please tham all, when all i wanna do is relax on my days off. LOL I woke up earlier this weekend than I normally do on work days just to please someone and piss someone else off. Oh well like I said I love them all but next time we are gonna have to make a schedule.

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