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yo, as some of u prob know a doom 3 beta was leaked, I got it. if u want it I got if off this site http://www.novaesleite.brturbo.com/Doug/Fi...es/doom_iii.rar but if its down go to www.megagames.com, doom3 and the forum. there are lots of replies. anyway the system recs are insane but thnx to bruce helping me overclock my card Ive gotten it up to 35 fps and it is AMAZING. it is literally the only almost true 3d game Ive ever seen. if I get and adress Id post soem screens but yea, this is definitely the next level of games. Id wanna see tac ops look like this. anyway thats it, good luck finding it. post if it works for u. peace

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I think thats an Alpha not a Beta.

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Yeah it's not optimized. Even so it taxes my system somewhat, so this game is not going to be for everybody. It is very visually appealing, the detail is awesome.

My system:

P-4 1.8a @2424mhz /3:4 divider Memory@180x2=360mhz~Swiftech MCX4000 w/36cfm TMD fan~Asus P4B533~512mb Xtreme DDR PC3000~Antec 430w TruPower~2 x 80 gb WD "Special Edition"= 160gb+ 1x80 gb Maxtor + 1x 60gb Maxtor =300 GB total ~Pioneer 16x DVD~Lite-On CD/RW 40x12x48~Hercules Game Theater XP~ATI Radeon 9700 Pro~misc stuff~ Win XP Pro

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