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This is what I have in mind.

I want to build a PVR! I have a mini ASUS 64 3200 AMD With windows media addition.

But what I want to do is replace /\ that board with a new one for my PC and use the old one for the PVR.

I have A case and an intergrated sound card with intergrated Grafics card. I donot want to spend more than $500 for the new mother board and other accessories.

I need a wireless router, Sound card 5.1 surround, TV tuner, SATA Hard drive very large hard drive for storage, 2 Gigs of memory, I might need a new Grafics card ATI only W/ S cable.And mother board 64 Dual prossesor AMD only.

If you can think of anything else please post away.

Also would like your honest opinions on this if you think it can be done?

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Here's a site you might want to take a look at:


I dont see anything wrong with most of the parts you have so far. I dont know anything about that hsf combo though.

For a wireless route, I am partial to the Linksys WRT54G - $40

Sound Card - Turtle Beach Riveria - $30

TV Tuner - Leadtek WinFast TV2000 XP Expert TV Tuner - $45

I am not real hip on OCZ memory, you can pick up a gig of Geil/Corsair/PQI, etc. for the same price.

VIdeo Card - ATI 9550 - $100

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I just bought the mother board over the weekend.

It is an MSI K8N Neo 4


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I'm real happy with my board, never an issue.

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I was wondering if anyone thinks this would be a good card for a PVR?


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Not really because his mobo doesn't have an AGP slot. The only thing cheaper in PCI Xpress x16 is an ATI al in oneder and it is still 120.00 on newegg. Personally i would spend the extra 50 and get the nvidia chip.

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Ya Bruce is right but I also need something that is going to look good On my TV as well.

So I will need a good graphics card Not outstanding card but a good card.

That other card was a joke by the way. I just thought it would be nice to have.

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