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Best Mainboard for HTPC & Prescott core


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I fell into a deal with a Socket 478 P4 3.0E GHZ HT(Prescott) processor ($100 new w/fan) and I've been thinking about turning it into a HTPC.

I've read somewhere XP Media Center Edition or the processor works better with a North/South bridge that is Intel vs Via/SIS. So far I like the AOPEN i865Gm-I($90) because it is a Mini-ATX design.

I really don't care for onboard everything. With the limitations of MCE, I'd rather install everything seperately. On the lower end, I've been looking at the MSI PM8M-V($45)

The case I'd like to put the works in, is a nMedia HTPC 200 BA ($124 newegg)

Anywho... What MOBo can I get the best bang for the buck considering it is going into my livingroom. It is also going to sport a wireless mouse and keyboard and home network as well as MCE IR remote until I can teach my iPAQ the commands.

I'd also like a (DVI-D) HDTV tuner card out for my 57" Hitachi and 5.1, 6.1-or 7.1 optical sound to feed my HK AVR-700.

Any suggies are always appreciated....


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I am still partial to the Silverstone line of HTPC cases. I am more curious to know where you fell into that deal. I wouldn't mind that myself.

I tried the whole HTPC thing, and didn't fair to well with it. I became disinterested pretty quickly. It might have been my lack of HDTV, but I can't be certain till I try again!

I also hate to drudge up old threads, but I will anyway: http://forums.computingondemand.com/index....hl=media+center

I am still not a fan of MCE (haven't used it, but I like free better).

If you remove yourself from the MCE, then you might open up your options for mainboards. I don't remember reading that MCE performs any better on any different platform, but I don't read anymore, I just skim.

Are you planning on making this an HDTV powerhouse? What kind of vid card, ram, hdd, etc are you planning on using? If you are planning on slacking or slamming your wallet in any of these areas then I suppose that the platform for the HTPC really doesn't matter as a lot of your perfomance relies on these other components.

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My cousin spent $180.00 on the processor only to find out his MOBO didn't support it. He thought just because it was 478 pin, he could just drop it in and go. His bad, my good. :)

I'm looking at a single or 'maybe' 2 WD Caviar 16SE 250GB SATA drives. 2nd drive could end up being an external or swappable drive.


ATI Radeon X800T (Maybe)

NEC/Lite-ON DVD+/-R recorder

400-500W power supply

Wireles LAN - For music server

That is about all the thought I've put into it so far.

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I didn't see the review. I've been away for a while and I usually come right to the forums. I just saw the write-up on the home page and will go read it.

LOL - Yeah, I should get him to buy a few for us and maybe a Zalman Reservator for my fanless cooling solution.

Some people shouldn't be allowed to take the covers off their computers.

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I've been thinking of investing in one of these. I can't decide which one though:


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I've been using an external Maxtor 160GB for a while now. This will be my first foray into NAS.

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