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LO34 - Merged Alliance rulz

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Agreed that the donation rules need to be updated. I think we have enough players in Age 9 and 10 with maxed cultural troops that we may be able to limit donations from players Age 8 and below. Even though defense is terribly broken, having max level troops in watch signals at least helps to move the needle to help turn potential 2-star losses into 1-stars.

We also need to determine how we want to handle lordship. In the past, it's been similar to how LO3 handles it where players who are active in chat and play more are nominated by an existing Lord or the Emperor and then people can weigh in. There's also the argument for making all members Lords as it enables anyone to send invites if there's a player in their league that doesn't have an alliance.

I feel like it would be best to discuss these things in chat so we get a better dialog going than spread out messages on a forum can provide. I know we've got players spread out all over the place so I'm not sure if/when there would be a good time to try and plan this.

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Personally I like the system of nominating lords and rewarding for activity etc. I like to know that they have been around a while and are committed to the alliance. We had a couple who joined LO3 recently and were really active in chat and were great to have in there, but they were nominated early in thier stay and didn't hang about.... Just vanished. (I found one and attacked them last week too mwahahaha!) 

I think it also helps identify key players to ask stuff when people are new to an alliance. Provides a bit of stability and authority coming from trusted players when they say stuff. 

In saying that... I am not going to leave or throw a tantrum  if others disagree and we use an alternative system - just my thoughts on it is all. 

And yes, we need higher minimum WS troops then are currently listed in the alliance name too. I agree with SB about having enough age 9 and 10 players who are happy to keep them full. This alliance has always been very generous with donations and I think that most donators are doing high levels donations anyway. So, it won't make too much impact. (Just means that I will donate a couple less as I finish maxing my specials over the next few weeks) 


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I still believe our old Lo method to promote a noble is the best . Making everyone lord is a good choice for top alliance's since they have all players at age 9+ . Talking about donations ... even BBQ donates maxed KT now a days so I think we should ask other's to donate only max special units and lvl2+ grens !

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I think Level V mounted specials should be required. I think level II Grens is also good. What about regular Cavalry (Major Knights)? Level VII min?

I think the Lords problem is that so many of us are already lords who deserve it. Should we promote as we have in the past? We did promote one recently as Mr. Mick said, who just left. At least they didn't abuse their power and wreck the place. For example, we have several high crown nobles that could be booted by a rouge lord. So, if I was a high crown noble, I would expect a little protection from that (lordship) and the prestige that comes with it. So, to make it fair, we should all agree on what is expected to get the lordship, what could cost you a demotion too. Sorry about rambling. It's early here.

one step higher - I think we should stick to just Sblounskched and me as Emperors for a while. I don't want anyone thinking that LO3 or LO4 lords have more influence in the new alliance.

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Yeah, agreed with the empower roles bbq. 

As for a lord going rogue, have we had that in the past? That's why I like the idea of lords being around for a decent time before nomination, because we know them and they have the best interest for the alliance, so are confident of promoting them. 

High crowns is good but doesn't mean they will stick around. I would think higher crowns is going to come with higher activity and so lords are more likely to have higher counts (but obviously not always the case!) 


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