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Tribute to a great alliance


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As I sit and wait for the server to come back on line, it has given me a bit of time to reflect on this alliance. 

I joined it just over a year ago. I had been in two low level alliances briefly prior to joining LO. I had managed to get up around 1000c at age 6, which was a pretty good effort I thought. But the alliance I had just joined was starting to die and a few key players left, so I went off in search of somewhere new. After a bit of searching online, I found some of info on this place. The name won me over immediately. 

I assumed they were ranked and so I didn't want to try for the #1 alliance, and still had lots to learn, so thought I probably wasn't good enough for #2 either. So I entered #3 alliance. Best decision I ever made! I was immediately greeted by bbq and numerous others. The guys were friendly, generous with donations and had heaps of helpful advice for attacking and layout designs. I knew immediately that I had come to a good place. It was so friendly and active that I would get up in the morning and the feed was so full I could only catch up on the conversation from the last couple of hours. 

Sure it has seen a couple of struggles in the last year. Some good players have come and gone, other have retired from the game... But the friendliness, helpfulness and generosity have never changed. That's what I love about this place. That culture has never changed. 

So, I want to thank those that have helped me over the past year to improve my game and just chatted and made me laugh. It's a great alliance to be part of and I am thankful to have been part of it. I am generally a very loyal person, so I don't want to go anywhere. I am just thankful to have many others who are as loyal and have been part of building a great alliance. 

Looking forward to what the next year will bring! 

Your loyal leftover!

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ok I know I wasn't a part of lo3 from start but I guess I can tell how I got in LO pretty much in the same way Mick did. My keep was at age 5 when I joined an alliance (don't remember the name) pretty much inactive with 30 players approx. There were some few active players but it was boring to be in there so I left and created my own alliance 5-6 days gone and no one joined in :mellow:....One day I was looking at top 200 leaderboards . All top alliance's had min. crowns requirements of 1k crowns to stay ..so kept searching for an alliance with low crown req. and there it was I guess it was in top 150 alliance's.."The Leftovers" the name was funny and attractive at the same time with 250 crowns req. so I stopped searching and joined it . As soon as I joined Lo "kjb" was standing with A welcome note I guess it was march/April 2015 .

I still remember everyone use to compete with Hellboy since he was the top guy of LO with 2.5k crowns ..2.5k doesn't sounds like too much of crowns now but at that time #1 guy had 4k crowns :) . I was recommended for lords Title by few lords and eventually was promoted to one after 3 months of my joining . Things were looking good so After few months we decided to create Lo4 . It was good to see lo4 filling up so quickly and was almost full within a month and we thought we should go for lo5 we were so focused to create lo a big alliance that we didn't noticed what we were neglecting unfortunately it was LO1 itself :( as all the top lords fell apart activity in lo1 started diminishing..Bruce , kjb , hell boy and few other members got too busy with there life . Lo2 and Lo4 had their moments high activity lvl ..high crowns but Lo 1 nope it didn't ever got up after the downfall. Mike was left with emp title and not to mention he couldn't have possibly done anything to boost activity beside posting a recruitment post on aoe forums (since leagues where not introduced till then) lol the topic went on a serious mode . As of now Lo1 is doing good with byzan and few others (who doesn't want me there ..so be it)

Now to conclude this post ..- even I got busy with my school work and so didn't logged in for almost 3-4 months and now here I am with the best lo members. Enjoyed my time in lo3 and am looking forward to enjoy in lo4 ...

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