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Double Granite Bay Motherboard Review


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To those using Pentium 4 system, the Intel 845 series chipsets should not be an alien to you. The i845E chipset, which has been the most stable and popular choice for Pentium 4 desktop PC, was recently replaced by i845PE. However the only difference is merely the official support for PC2700 DDR. 

On the other hand, the latest chipset for Pentium 4 workstation PC is more exciting. The i850 chipset is now replaced by the long awaited E7205 chipset, which offers significant performance gain and many interesting features. Some reviews have shown that E7205 chipset with Dual Channel DDR is as good, if not better than the i850 chipset with expensive Rambus. 

Gigabyte vs Asus. A really good read for Intel fans or anybody thats into performance.
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Whether you like Intel or not, these are two very nice boards. Loads of features and definitely a good fit for future systems.

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