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League Push or Move?

Plan for current season  

8 members have voted

  1. 1. Should LO3 make a push to take 1st for this league season or move players to LO4 now?

    • Push for league win
    • Consolidate players to LO4
    • I'm fine either way

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23 hours ago, starbeast007 said:

lol I am fine either way option doesn't really helps much

Sure it does. It lets us know how many people have seen the poll and voted on it. If we didn't have that, someone could assume that the 36 members that didn't vote saw the poll and didn't feel strongly for either option but with it there, we just know that they didn't look at the poll. :P

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Yeah, LPAD pulling both accounts and Sasuke going... sightseeing? dropped us around 3k crowns. We can still manage top 3 but getting to the #1 spot is going to be that much harder now. Hopefully I can find some good whales and get up over 6k before the season is over.

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Well done on the league win guys! A solid effort. We added over 7k in crowns and held it for first place! So good! 

So, time now to pack your bag and move over to LO4 and consolidate this great alliance. It's a long term goal to consolidate then rebuild LO 3  and return this great alliance to its former glory, with multiple strong, United alliances. We appreciate all your help and commitment to this group! 

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