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Missing Files

Windows XP is designed to make it easy to set up more than one user account, so that several people can use the same computer; each user sees his own customized version of the desktop. A by-product of this capability is that Win XP stores your documents differently than previous versions.

When you look at My Documents on the desktop or in Windows Explorer, the layout looks the same as it did in earlier versions of Windows, because Win XP is pointing you at your personal-documents folder. But that folder is no longer stored at the physical path C:\My Documents, so any program that tries to use that filepath is going to give you an error message.

The top-level documents folder in Win XP is now C:\Documents and Settings. Within that folder is a subfolder named for each user account that you've created for Win XP. And each user's subfolder has its own My Documents folder. So to get the application to access your files successfully under Win XP, look in the program's preferences for paths that start with C:\My Documents, and change them to C:\Documents and Settings\username\My Documents.

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