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Two click totals


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Two click totals

Here's a two-click solution to summing rows and columns of data, a problem Excel users confront on a daily basis. Here's the scenario: You have some columns of numeric data, now all you need is a grand total row.

Suppose you have numeric entries in the range A2:J10, and in row 11 you want to display the columnar totals for those values. In other words, you want to put SUM functions for each column in the cells A11:J11. To accomplish that task with just two mouse clicks, click in cell A11 and drag to J11 to select those cells. Then click the Standard toolbar's AutoSum tool.

To create grand totals for the rows of data in that range, click cell K2 and drag to select K2:K10, then click the AutoSum tool. When you do, Excel will populate each selected cell with a formula that returns the sum of the cells in columns A through J in each of the rows 2 through 10.

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