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Networking 101 - Security, the combat zone!!


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Now that you have built your LAN, and have hooked it up to the Internet, it’s time to start thinking about security. We all have heard on the news about how this web site or this company gets hacked and we all ways think, “Ahhhh I’m not a big company, I have nothing anyone wants!” Well, you’re WRONG! Even if you are on a stand-alone computer, and dial into an ISP the odds are, someone someplace has scanned your computer to see what you have, and what they can get. And this is only one type of security. What about viruses? Yea, that’s right… viruses. They are also a BIG security risk! So now that you have something to think about, it’s time for some Security boot camp.

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Nice basic article, informative but not so technical.

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