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Kingwin KH-350U-BK External Enclosure


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Today I'll be reviewing the Kingwin KH-350U-BK External Enclosure. It's an aluminum bodied enclosure using USB 2.0 for transfers. It also incorporates bubble lights (blue & red) onto each side or top/bottom depending on how you set it up.

Product Features:

3.5" USB 2.0 black aluminum external enclosure.

Aluminum structures w/ bubble light led.

Blue led lights for power on and orange flash led for HDD data transfer.

IDE Interface.

Applicable for PC, notebook, and Mac.

Plug & play and hot-swapping capability.

USB 2.0 480 Mbps transfer rate.

Strengthen aluminum material.

Suitable for all 3.5" HDD

2 stands.

20w power adapter.

Can support up to 350GB H.D.D.

Cypress chipset for USB.

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Finally got around to installing this last night and have a problem. In device mangler, the drive shows up and says working properly. However, it does not show up in "My Computer" nor is there any way for me to access it.

NVM, I am a moron. Does the word format ring any bells?

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Now that's sad. Well, mine seems to be working fine. I backed up my hdd last night to the external and all is well. The software is real easy to use, it just takes a while ~3 hours for the whole drive. You guys ought to check it out, Genie-Soft Backup Manager.

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I have to RMA one of the drives I just purchased already... f-ing thing is clicking!!! 2 DAYS OLD! I HATE WD....
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