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Hurrican Rita - How it affects COD


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Currently, the big storm news is hurricane Rita. If you don't know, COD is hosted out of Texas, Dallas. There is a potential problem for those whose servers are located in Houston (companies like EV1, etc.), luckily for us, our servers are a BIT more safe. Not completely safe, but better off than being in Houston.

COD is prepared to help the only way I know how at the present time. I will be offering free webhosting to as many websites as I can handle that will be affected by the storm (not indefinately). Peoples lives will be affected by this storm, this is the only way I can think of (I live in NJ) that I can help some people's livelyhood.

If you know someone that is certain their business, personal, whatever, website will be affected by this storm. Tell them there is still hope.

I can't say for sure that COD won't be affected by the storm, but I can say for sure that COD will try to help.

You can email us at:



PM us through our forums.


The COD Team

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Hopefully the message gets to those who need it. Another thing along these lines is hosting a listing of those missing or seeking info about missing loved ones.

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