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Speed up data entry with these keyboard shortcuts


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Speed up data entry with these keyboard shortcuts

Help make your users' data entry easier by teaching them Excel's built-in keyboard shortcuts. For example, you can use keyboard shortcuts to copy rows or columns between other cells without overwriting.

Follow these steps:

1. Select the rows or columns you want to copy, and press [Ctrl]C.

2. Move to the row or column where you want to copy the selected cells.

3. Press [Ctrl][shift][+].

4. If a dialog box asks which direction you want to shift cells, make your selection, and click OK.

The keyboard can also help you format cells more quickly. For example, after clicking a cell, it takes at least two mouse clicks to get to the Format Cells dialog box. But you can also open this dialog box by pressing [Ctrl]1.

You can also use shortcut keys to reduce keystrokes. Press [Ctrl][;] to type today's date in a cell, and press [Ctrl][shift][:] to enter the current time.

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