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Review: Vantec Nexus Fan Controller


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Vantec has released yet another stylish bay device. The NXP-201, or better known as the Nexus Fan Controller is the newest addition to adjustable fan rpm and loudness. But before you buy this at your favorite online store join me as I show you the problems I have encountered while owning the NXP-201.
A very nice review by our own Iroc! A must read if you are considering this product!

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For sure, don't buy one without reading this review. Iroc doesn't pull any punches and you get the straight dope. Nicely done, my man.

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Wow and I thought I was the only one that had the static problem with the Vantec controller.

I (kinda) have the same exact one and after a pretty good shock while adjusting a knob, mine quit working immediately.... all four channels! And mine wouldn't reset like yours, it was completely dead! :(

I sent it back to Vantec and I'm currently awaiting a new one. (That's why I said I "kinda" have one now.)

I hope they revise their design soon to cure this problem.

By the way, I too noticed the buzzing noise right off the bat when I installed it. I remember saying to myself, "That sucks... I thought it was suppose to help quiet your computer down."

Good review :)

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Welcome, das7282! And thanks. We are totally honest with our reviews here. If we Hack somebody off, so be it.

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Hey, welcome to COD and Rb is right, we won't sugarcoat it for anyone. On the sly you will hear a lot of people mention the buzzing, just not where anyone can hear them. As mentioned in the review, Sidewinder has had trouble with them also. It's frustrating to know about a problem that everyone agrees exists, yet does nothing about.

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