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Hello guys as the title says ..I am thinking about combining 2 of our Lo's into 1 most probably merger of lo4 and lo2 while most of you might disagree with this choice but as of now I think this is the most effective way of getting out of this inactivity issue anyway we will be part of "The Leftovers" with any decision you take . What do you say ?
Reason that made me think over it are
1 We are losing players because it's no fun to be in an alliance where there is no activity .
2 Many players stop playing the game because they think the game is soo boring due to inactive alliance .

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I think if we're going to have a discussion on this, we need to have a centralized thread on the main forum page instead of 5 different ones in the sub-forums. Starbeast, could you create that thread and update all of the other ones you made to link to that one?

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