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Simplify data entry with Excels built-in form

If your spreadsheet has more columns than can fit on your computer screen, you can use Excel's built-in data form and spare yourself a lot of scrolling.

To use the data form, select any cell within the spreadsheet range and go to Data | Form. Select New to enter a new record, and Excel will display a blank form. Enter data in the first field, tab to the next, and continue to enter data in each field, tabbing between fields. Press [Enter] to go to the next blank record.

If there are calculations in your spreadsheet, Excel will display only the results on the form. This prevents users from inadvertently overwriting formulas. To delete a displayed record, click Delete. A warning box reminds you that the record will be permanently deleted after you click OK.

Follow these steps to search for a record within the form:

1. Click Criteria to clear the form.

2. Enter keywords in appropriate fields (e.g., enter Jones in the Lastname field).

3. Click Find Next (or Find Previous).

If you enter search criteria in more than one field, Excel will find the next record that meets both criteria. The form doesn't support OR searches. Use the scroll bar to browse through the records.

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