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Setting the print area


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Setting the print area

As you probably know, when you click the Standard toolbar's Print icon, Excel will either print the entire worksheet or whatever range of cells are designated as the print area. To set the print area, you select the range of cells you want to print, then go to File | Print Area | Set Print Area. Every now and then, when you go to File | Print Area, you might accidentally click Clear Print Area instead of Set Print Area. Unless you undo that change right away, you'll have to reset your print range from scratch. Avoid accidentally clearing the print area by adding the Set Print Area button to your Standard toolbar.

Here's how to modify your Standard toolbar to include this button:

1. Right-click on the Standard toolbar, choose Customize from the resulting menu, and click the Commands tab.

2. Under Categories, select File.

3. Locate the Set Print Area icon in the Commands list, click on it, and drag it to where you want it to appear on your Standard toolbar.

4. When you release the mouse, the new icon will take its place on the toolbar.

To set the print area in the future, all you have to do is select the cells for the print range and click the Set Print Area button.

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