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98 Reboots on webpage load


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This is different.

Bought a p2 333Mhz w/96M RAM, 3 GB HD, monitor, printer, scanner, zip drive for $25.00

Fist thing I ran AVG and found 9 viruses on it. Cleaned them up.

Kept running into Cannot find 'pythonizer.exe' on bootup.

REmoved every pyth* from registry.start.msconfig.

Reinstalled 98 from Options CABS.

Now you can open IE to a blank screen. Click on any favorite or type in an address. It will load 99% of the page, then mysteriously reboot.

I'm not going to fool with it. It will get FDISK'ed tomorrow. If I can't find my 98 1ED, I'll bump it up to an old ME that I'm not using any more and re-sell it.

Just thought I'd share...

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Do you have a valid 98 license?  If so, I might be able to provide you with a 98 .iso.  let me know.

I went with 98SE. I have several that people have given me with their old computers. I only have 1 SE disk, but I go in and read the registry to get the ID Key from the old computer. Since they no longer use the computer, I re-use them where i need them, but never more than one just in case anything is ever enforced with the EULA. (doubtful)


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An easier way than the registry is Jellybean Key Finder, I also like Belarc Advisor.

Finding the CD (Product) Key from DOS

If you can't boot into Windows at all, then you can boot with a Startup Disk (CD support is not required) or into Command Mode Only and type the following command:

For 95:

C:\Windows\Command\Find /I "ProductId" c:\windows\system.dat

For 98/Me:

C:\Windows\Command\Find /I "ProductKey" C:\Windows\System.dat

The first line of the screen dump will look like this:

ProductKey XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX where the X's are your actual CD Key.

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Jellybean is good, it'll also show the keys of any MS Office products.

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I've always used belarc.

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Belarc advisor is kewl. B)

Thanks for the 411. :D

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Belarc is good, I also use a program that emails me everytime an IP changes. I can set it to email me, or upload it to an ftp. This way, when I load pc-anywhere or my favorite VNC on a customers computer. I can easily log into their system and fix things from home. I do this at a minimal charge.

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