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Redneck Wireless Antenna Booster


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OK, you aren't going to believe this one.

I relocated my wireless router and was getting poor signal through 3 sheetrock and 1 brick wall to my belkin USB wireless lan.

I remember seeing on TechTV (when it used to be a real computer guru's channel) about using common household items to boost the reception.

Well I did it in about 2 minutes taking a 55% signal to 81% with a small *plastic* coffee container and a 6" square of tin-foil.

I wrapped the tin-foil half way around the plastic can with some folded over the top. I snapped the plastic lid on it.

I took a sharp knife and cut a litte 1/4" x 1-1/2" rectangle out of the top so that the wireless lan would fit snug.

I did a little twisting of the entire can and got onto the mid 70's just by pointing it in the general direction of the router. A little more twisting of the lid changed the antenna orientation enough to get me to 81%.


I will have to post a picture. It is quick and dirty, but it worked. B)

Might be just the ticket for a temporary fix.


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Lol, yeah I gotta see a pic of that. My theory is, whatever works.

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Bump - Pic added


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we used to do that out of the tin choc ful o nuts cans. we had it going across the street to the neighbors house. Some say they had it going down the block with some modifications... I don't believe them

I miss leo and Patrick. What happened to that ?

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Since it went from ZDTV to Tech-TV to G4-TechTV it slowly went down the tubes.

Now that it is G4-Video Game Tv, I have it locked out of my channel list.

Leo is alive and well doing Canadian TechTV. Check out www.leoville.com

I've got a pic here somewhere with leo & patrick. Its been years though, so I wouldn't even know where to look. Even have a ZDTV bumper sticker that they gave away at one of their road appearances.

*SIGH* THose were the days...

But back to topic... They showed a mod with big coffee cans and some coax cable that they were able to get 2 nodes to talk to each other at roughly 2 miles...

If you concentrate the signal in one direction, I don't see why you couldn't go several blocks as long as both were properly aligned. That is the BASICS of satellite TV, so why wouldn't it apply to home networking?

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