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Self numbered rows


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Self numbered rows

When you print a spreadsheet that has many rows of data, numbering the rows is one thing you can do to be a hero for that report's end users. Row numbers provide an easy point of reference for the people who read and discuss a report, but the question is, what's the best way to number rows?

Manually numbering rows is easy to do, but you'll have to repeat the process every time you insert or delete a row. Instead, use the ROW function to number rows automatically.

When you enter =ROW() in a cell, the function looks at the cell in which it's entered and returns the corresponding row number. You can copy that function to number all of your data rows. When you insert or delete a row, each instance of the ROW function is automatically updated. All you have to do is copy the function into any new rows you add.

There's one catch to numbering your rows using ROW: If you've entered at least one row of column labels, the ROW function will return the physical row number, not the actual row number of the data. To work around this, subtract the offset when you enter the ROW function for the first time. For instance, if your sheet contains one row of column labels, enter =ROW()-1.

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