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AMD vs Intel


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An Open Letter from Hector Ruiz, AMD Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer

The microprocessor is the brain of every computer, a transformational technology in today’s world. And as in all markets, innovation in the microprocessor sector depends on competition – the ability of consumers and businesses worldwide to choose solutions based on one microprocessor over another.

Our competitor has harmed and limited competition in the microprocessor industry. On behalf of ourselves, our customers and partners, and consumers worldwide, we have been forced to take action.

We have filed a 48-page, detailed Complaint* in federal district court. Because, as our Complaint explains exhaustively, Intel's actions include:

* Forcing major customers to accept exclusive deals,

* Withholding rebates and marketing subsidies as a means of punishing customers who buy more than prescribed quantities of processors from AMD,

* Threatening retaliation against customers doing business with AMD,

* Establishing quotas keeping retailers from selling the computers they want, and

* Forcing PC makers to boycott AMD product launches.

For most competitive situations, this is just business. But from a monopolist, this is illegal.

These serious allegations deserve serious attention. Earned success is one thing. Illegal maintenance of a monopoly is quite another.

Intel's behavior is much more than meets the eye. You may not have been aware, but Intel's illegal actions hurt consumers - everyday. Computer buyers pay higher prices inflated by Intel's monopoly profits. Less innovation is produced because less competition exists. Purchasers lose their fundamental right to choose the best technology available.

We believe the legal process will work. In the meantime, the men and women of AMD will continue to drive innovation, focusing on our customers and on the people who use computers at home and work every day.

At AMD, we know innovation. We thrive on competition. And we depend on a market based upon freedom of choice.

Read our Complaint*. Demand innovation. Choose fair and open competition.

Hector Ruiz

Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer

Advanced Micro Devices

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Where was this years ago? Intel's been doing it forever, why bitch now? What's he got up his sleeve?

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Could be or maybe AMD is planning on not meeting analyst expectations for the next fiscal quarter.

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Of course they want a chunk of the pie like everyone else, but if AMD built a chip/processor that would smoke Intel, then there would be no reason to write letters.

In many cases AMD does smoke Intel, but since Intel and Microsoft are buddy-buddy, they build in propietary commands that leave AMD in the dark.

Most of us/you geeks have seen the benchmarks. We know who rules. If AMD wanted to start something they should have done so a DECADE ago.

Poor Cyrix never had a chance. Even with the revival of Cyrix through VIA about 5 years ago, they still were met head-on with legal issues from Intel.

If Software hadn't been outraegeously high back 10 years ago, I would be using OS2 Warp today. I still have my CD's, BackMaster and many other programs. Same idea applies...

In closing, this is probably a publicity stunt by AMD to get some airtime more than it is about anything else.

Stir the s#!tpile and see what flies come to check it out. :rolleyes:

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