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Best - Worst Case Virus Count?


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OK, I know things are slow, but God... (not C.O.D.)

Why do you send me computers with such things...

I have an HP sitting here with 677 viruses on it.

Owner wants all pop-ups and adult content stopped from showing up cuz the grandkids ask questions when playing 'Barbies Horse Adventure' and nekkid pix start showing up on the screen.

First scan AVG found 24. (Including several hundred p*rn* pics that the owner swears they never visited any site like that, but doesn't explain why there are several mpg movies too... yeah right scumbag) but I will give 'em the benefit of the doubt... Who am I to judge...

Second scan it found 650 more in the restore volumes... (turned off system restore) Deleted all previous restore points..

3rd scan found 2 - Couldn't delete

4th scan found 2 - Duh - Had to use XP with command prompt to delete Yaaaa.

Doing 5th scan now...

Are people that ignorant in the real world?? Pinch me. This has to be a dream.


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You would think that people would realize it by now. If you are going to look at porn on the internet, do it from work or someone else's computer!! DUH!

I have stopped scans right in the middle. I figure, if there is a system with 500+ virii running around, I should just reformat and start fresh.

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Man, that must be a record. I've had some with 40-50 but that's out of this world. Most of mine seem to be just the simple adware/spyware, though I have had some with thousands of those. Like B, I've had a few that I had to just reformat they were so inundated with malware.

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Finally - 5th Scan netted NO Viruses.

That doesn't mean there isn't a 'ticker' that waits til a certain day to activate. Hopefully not, but even if there is, AVG should nab it.

A lot of the problem was trojans and dialers along with about 15 active-X objects imbedded in Internet Exploder. There was even obvious target market stuff in the Add/Remove Prggy section.(search buddy, OIN, 180seach, myway) OIN I haven't gotten rid of. They are stubborn that you have to connect to their site and DL the uninstaller. I didn't want this thing to have internet access intil I knew it was benign.

Side note:

I had a lady get one that would put 50 s*x favorite links into her IE every time the computer started. You could delete them and on every startup, they would come back. It ended up to be an IE-Object and a call from the registry in the HKLM\run

Back to virus heaven:

I didn't even open the Outlook Depressed mail, I just did a notepad search of their inbox.idx to see what was there. Same with sent.idx.

I am however going to sternly suggest that they call thier bank TODAY and change thier login name and password over the phone as well as all their email accounts and PW's when they get this thing back.

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Final note: Connecting it to the internet brought 4 more out of hiding. Got rid of them.

Last 4 scans netted ZERO viruses. I would strongly suggest that these folks copy their important baby pics to a CDR and wipe it just to be safe.

For some reason Windows Explorer wanted internet access and I told ZA no (for now) I don't know why it would need access when IE has.

OH, and java.sun.com has a new version 5 out. (for a month now) upgrading 1.4.2.

Nobuddy tells me nuttin.... :(

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lol, always the last to know.

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Sorta like Jay Leno and the headlines bit...

See Sun ad for Java 5... Disclaimer at the bottom reads:

*Don't tell people from Arkansas, they don't have computers in their pick-up trucks.

In todays paper... 2 men escape - 1 drowns in lake accident.

Billy Ray Bob and his 2 brothers were goin to the lake fishin. One decided to ride in the back with the gear. As they approached the lake, the brakes failed on the pickup... It went down the boat launch and into the water. Both men managed to escape from inside the vehicle.

Joe Bob whom was riding in the back, drown because he nor his brothers couldn't get the tailgate down in time before the truck sank out of site.....

These are the same people I have to deal with every day... :P

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