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Well, you guys probably haven't noticed, but I have been working on http://hosting.computingondemand.com night and day. Some of the recent updates to it are:

Automatic billing

New User Interface

New Support System

Visual Improvements

New Backend

PayPal accepted for Payments

and much much more.

You can check out some of this by visiting the site, but my favorite feature added is the new support page: http://hosting.computingondemand.com/support.php

I think that is the coolest yet.

If you have any questions... ask'em

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COD is also a Web Hosting Company as well as a Local Computer Repair and consulting service. None of which make any money... lol, but I continue to try.

Also do web design - as you can see... these are all mine!!

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Server Specs would be good, I know them already, but of course those details should be available at the hosting site. ;)

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I don't think server specs are that important to shared hosting.

but here they are anyway

Dual Xeons 2.8

2GB Ram



They are when someone wants to know if the server will be good enough to run thier site along with all the other accounts.

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Ok, the site is now fully functional. Security Certs, ordering forms, support, chat, etc. Its amazing!!

Click the Support page in the header for server/biz info. Its cool stuff mang.

Payment methods remain as paypal and check for now, until I can afford an API for credit cards.

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