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Pet- Peeve - Software You Love to Hate.


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How many times have you seen a friends/neighbors computer with about 15 icons down by their time clock.

Their IE has so many seach/toolbars that it takes up over 1/2 of the viewable area of a 17" screen.

Here is a small list of 'helper' programs I love to hate and cringe whenever I see them in use:

Yahoo/MSN Toolbar

My Way Search Bar

180 Search asst.

Incredimail - Should be classified as a VIrus

Weatherbug - Ditto

Google Toolbar - Although not as naughty as the others, just type google.com people!

Screensavers.com - Whats wrong with blank screen? <_<

Norton Anti-virus - VIRUS!. It takes over and slows a new pentium to a 286 and won't uninstall.

All these shop for points toolbar/helpers.

C'mon people wise up. There is nothing in this world for free. If they put it into a nice little package you will grab it and then they track everywhere you all go, link to, bank, search, shop online.

*Stepping down off my soapbox* next...

Anyone care to list software they love to hate?

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I have to admit... I have 15 things by my clock.

1. Outlook minimized

2. Windows Update reminder to tell me to install SP2 - NEVER!!!

3. Trillian

4. Nvidia Firewall (disabled)

5. Network Connected (enabled through properties)

6. Network Disconnected

7. Sound Controls

8. Norton AntiVirus

9. Device Connected (SATA HDD)

10. Skype

11. Soundmax thingy

12. AnalogX Pow

13. Norton Ghost

14. Winamp


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7 in the tray. Google toolbar. Oh and StatBar ( http://www.statbar.nl/ ) for network, RAM usage, Hdd specs, volume control, etc.

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I have:



Wireless Network x 2

Volume Control

UD Agent (Cancer Research runs in background - Running 2 years 225 days 11hr 30 min as of 11 PM CT)

HotSync Manager for my iPaq - Currently Off

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