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Windows Media WMA & Licenses


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Got the drive out of that woman's Desktop (XP 3 minute start-up thread)

Copied her mp3 and WMA files to my drive so I can wipe her drive clean and reinstall XP.

I tried playing a couple of her WMA files in Windows Media Player and MMJB.

Both send me to the Microsoft website for a License.

Is there a place on her dirve that contains the licenses, and can I copy them to a directory and then back onto her computer so she can play them?

I could really care less if they all will play on mine. There are a few I wouldn't mind having though. :)

There are roughly 250 WMA files & 150 mp3's. These were all 'ripped' from her CD collection. It would be a B***H to have to re-rip all of her CD's again.

These are Legit files. I've seen her collection. No Napster or file sharing involved.


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I've done some hunting...

I hope that all I need to do is copy the directories & files from

C:\Documents & Settings\All Users\DRM\

to her newly reformmatted drive. Otherwise she has to get a migration License for each one.

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heh, I don't have a DRM folder.

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If you haven't used Windows Media player to RIP a CD to your HD, you probably won't. (.wma formatted files)

I use MusicMatch Jukebox. I bought the lifetime for $29.99 about 6 years ago before it was popular. :D

I just found out that my iPAQ will play .mp3's so now I can load up my 512MB SD card and go mobile. ;)

I need to rip all of my CD's to a computer for a whole house media jukebox.

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