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ME - Laptop - No Mouse/Touchpad


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Same woman called today and siad her mouse was gone.

She has a Dell Latittude(sp) CPtC...

Running ME

Last couple of days her screen went from 1024x768 to 640x480 and she couldn't see the 'settings' to adjust it back. The window is larger than the screen and you have to keyboard navigate by memory to reset them. I did it for her Yesterday.

She uninstalled the Yahoo! Toolbar today and all her trouble started... She said.

I tried un-installing and re-installing the mouse & driver. No good.

System Restore: Nope - Last point was 6 months ago and would still net 'no mouse'

Did have mouse in SAFE MODE though. Hmmm... bad driver somewhere.

Ended up totally reformatting her laptop and putting 98 SE on it. She had a copy with a legit REG code. She also had an ME disk which I could have overlayed, but she wanted 98.... soooo...

So 4.5 hours later, she is on her way home with a working Laptop once again. Updated, AVG'd and ZoneAlarmed with all of the Dell drivers and updates.

I never did find out what ailed it.

And earlier had to talk a guy through installing DSL for the first time. It took him 3 hours.... and 2 calls with me doing a 3-way with tech support. They didn't have his account set up right. *enter choice of swear words here* :censored

My head hurts.. I need a drink and I am going to call it a day!

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I have seen where people do all kinds of crazy s.... to remove a program. From going into dos and deleting crap to just blatently idotic things like removing Office to get rid of messenger... then asking, well word worked a couple of days ago now I can't open this doc... why?


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Yep. I got a computer a few weeks back that the person went to 'SEARCH' to remove a program and deleted every instance of a program name.

Thats fine... It crashed it. The person didn't understand that even by removing the main program, it still leaves behind hundreds of .dll's and .vxds that have nothing to do with ithe main proggy that are still being called by registry and other sub-programs on start-up.

I forget what TV commercials they were, but remember the IT tech guy that kept getting goofy questions about viruses and crashing their server/computers. I think they wren't too far off the mark. :D

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I wish I could do this. But someday some of these users just need to:

Me: Do you still have the box it came in?

Stupid user: Yes

Me: Box every thing up the way it came.

Stupid user: and then what?

Me: Send it back. You're to stupid to own a computer.

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I've felt like telling a few people that myself.

It's a shame that my better judgement always prevails. *evil grin*

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