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Select cells via the keyboard


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Select cells via the keyboard

Here's a question for those of you who use the mouse to select cells for copying, cutting, and formatting: How long it does it take to move your hand from the keyboard to the mouse, click and drag to select a range, and return your hand to the keyboard? If you think it takes too long, consider using these keyboard shortcuts for selecting cells.

[Ctrl]A selects the entire worksheet and is handy when you want to convert every formula in your worksheet to a value in one fell swoop. Just select everything, copy it, go to Edit | Paste Special, and choose Values.

[Ctrl][shift][*] tells Excel to scan the cells around a cell, make a computer-educated guess based on the contents, and select what Microsoft calls "the current region." Once selected, you can copy, cut, or format the text as you like.

[Ctrl][shift][End] starts with the current cell and selects a rectangle of cells from that point to the last used cell in the worksheet's bottom-right corner.

[Ctrl][shift][Home] selects a rectangle of cells starting from the current cell and ending in cell A1.

[Ctrl][shift] combined with any of the four arrow keys begins at the current cell and selects through the last nonblank cell in the same row or column as the active cell.

This is how these shortcuts work if you key them without first selecting a cell. If you select at least one cell and then press any of the key combinations above, Excel extends the existing selection.

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