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Produce charts in black and white


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Produce charts in black and white

By default, Excel's Chart Wizard uses brilliant colors for nearly all of the standard chart types. In many cases, full-color charts are what you want to distribute if your audience is going to view your chart on-screen. However, if you don't have access to a color printer, color charts printed on a single-color printer may not produce optimal results. In addition, photocopies of color charts frequently aren't even legible. Fortunately, there's a simple way to avoid photocopying problems.

When you know you're going to need to photocopy a chart, create the chart in a black-and-white style. That way, your photocopies will be clean and legible.

To view the black-and-white chart options, click the Standard toolbar's Chart Wizard tool, and then click the Custom Types tab. From there, select a single-color chart style from among B&W Area, B&W Column, B&W Line-Timescale, and B&W Pie. After selecting a style, work your way through the wizard as you normally would. The result is a chart you can photocopy without worrying about whether the copies will be legible.

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